Boxing Championship Tickets : MSG 1938, 39,40

1938, Louis vs Schmeling!Framed antique boxing championship tickets in NY 1938, 1939, 1940 with six tickets to Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden. Matted and framed, this unique collectors dream piece measures 18.25” x 18.75” in a metal and glass frame. The tickets are absolute rarities! Full, undamaged, original tickets from six fights dating 1938, 1939, and 1940. Featuring Joe Louis, Max Schmeling, Tommy Farr, Clarence (Red) Burman, Billy Conn, Lee Savold, Fred Apostoli, Billy Conn, Billy Beauhold, Tippy Larkin, Arturo Godoy, Melio Bettina, and Tiger Fox. These tickets are for fights and championships happening at Yankee Stadium (1x) and Madison Square Garden (5x). The Yankee Stadium June 22, 1938, Louis vs Schmeling ticket, complete is one of the more rare, prized boxing collector's pieces ever!

Condition Report

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Historic Boxing Tickets : MSG 1938, 39,40