Haitian Carnival Giraffe Mask: Vintage Artist Signed

This hand-made Giraffe Mask designed for a Carnival celebration comes from Jacmel, Haiti, the southern city in Haiti known for its papier-mache arts and masks. Jacmel Papier-Mache mask artisans are among the most famous in the world known for this art and craft. This Giraffe mask is signed by the artist (Marshal GW) and labeled with the address of their studio in Jacmel. It measures 40” tall, 12” wide, and 29” deep, with incredible paint quality and detail. The paint is uncracked, unchipped, and the glossy sheen remains though this piece is of unknown vintage and comes from a collector who has had these for a few decades. The details in the spots, eyes, and hair are extraordinary and unique in a piece of this size. This particular mask is papier-mache from cardboard and paper. While crafted to be displayed in the home for cultural and spiritual reasons, there are viewing and breathing space/holes in the mouth as part of the mask design for the carnival celebration, but for appearance only, as the back of this mask is sealed and weighted (to help its stability when wall-displayed).

Condition Report

Please refer to images for the best determination of the condition.

Carnival Mask: Artist Signed Vintage Giraffe