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Online shopping is the new norm and the fact that you can now shop throughout the world makes the job of the seller much more difficult.  Factors in determining where buyers purchase is based on the best price, the best selection, customer service, and ease of ordering. is operated by Scott Daniel’s Auction, a small auction gallery with a big list of clientele. We are not internet experts, we are not SEO wizards, we are experts in presenting items accurately and honestly to the buying public.  We have a small staff and when you call you will probably speak to the owner Scott – not a call center that reads off a script.

The items you view on this site are actually items we possess and have at our warehouses.  The importance of having these items in our possession means that there is no excuse when it comes to answering potential buyers’ questions and concerns.  Unlike Amazon, eBay, or 1stDibbs, you have total transparency in dealing with the seller.

Charitable Causes

Being old school, the norm used to be don’t talk about your charitable contributions, but again things have changed.  People want to feel good knowing that the business they are supporting through sales is showing social responsibility, and if it helps broaden the cause – all the better.

Scott, has been a lifelong contributor to animal charities and causes.  He volunteered as an Animal Law Enforcement Officer with a division of the SPCA.  That will continue with this site 1Wow contributing a percentage of our sales to animal shelters, charities, and causes.  This information will be displayed on a unique page with information about these groups.

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